Film Clips

These clips display key themes from the film. They are the ferocity of a physical attack, clues to the behaviour of perpetrators, including over-compensating after an attack, and continued controlling behaviour, attempts to isolate the victim from friends and family, the victim's reluctance to leave and finally, the disclosure to police.

A brutal attack

(warning: this scene may disturb)
Suzanne, a young woman living in an affluent part of Wales, suffers a brutal physical attack which leaves her hospitalised for weeks and causes her to lose her babies. She becomes convinced she is being attacked by a poltergeist who is haunting the house she and her husband  Richard, a property developer, have lovingly renovated. 

An abundance of flowers

The couple come home from hospital and Suzanne is met with an extravagant bouquet of flowers. An episode of domestic abuse is often followed by over–attentiveness. 

Hand on the hob

Richard shows signs of controlling behaviour when he holds Suzanne’s hand over a hob. Still she can’t believe he could attack her.


Suzanne brings a friend, who is suspicious, home. Afterwards Richard is angry, telling her she should not have told anyone – classic isolating behaviour from an abuser. 

You need to leave

Suzanne asks a paranormal investigator to rid the house of the poltergeist. The woman tells her she must leave because she knows what is going on. But still Suzanne stays, as many victims do. 

Police station

Finally, after seeing the evidence for herself on camera Suzanne, aided by her friend, drives to the police station to report the abuse.

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